Logo: Infraevo -- A Canadian based company helping you get the most out of your I.T. investment.
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Logo: Infraevo -- A Canadian based company helping you get the most out of your I.T. investment.
About Us

Infraevo was founded 10 years ago under the name I.T. Infrastructure Associates (I.T.I. Associates). The company's initial goal was to deliver cost effective management of client IT resources. Over the years we have watched the market transform and the needs of our clients change. We saw Open Source projects grow, the introduction of cloud services and the massive growth of mobile devices. As with any successful company we saw these changes and knew we had to change with the times. Hence the rebranding to be known as Firumsera Inc. and by providing a variety of new services, we feel this will position us well to assist our clients with their I.T. needs. The company was founded by our current President & CEO Rene Chakraborty and is located in Oshawa Ontario Canada.


We Don't Sell Software And Hardware But Get You The Best Deal:

Another way Infraevo is different from our competition is we don't sell software or hardware. When we are doing a project for a client, we work with the client to source the best possible price on products from a list of trusted vendors. Some of our trusted vendors are companies like CDW, Tigerdirect, Newegg.ca and a variety of others.


First Responders:
For the past 8 years Infraevo has been providing IT services to Police, EMS, Fire and Emergency Services orginizations. Our staff understand these originizations need for security and reliability.
Infraevo has alot of experience in the area of "Education", since most of our senior cloud & professional services staff have worked in the College & University sector at one point in their careers.
Not For Profits:
Infraevo can assist not for profits and charities by helping them improve their use of technology. Our team has extensive experience assisting a variety of organizations of every type, size, and budget improve their fundraising efforts.
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