Logo: Infraevo -- A Canadian based company helping you get the most out of your I.T. investment.
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Logo: Infraevo -- A Canadian based company helping you get the most out of your I.T. investment.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

With Infraevo cloud services customers are able to rent remote desktops, virtual machine (VM) servers, VM appliances, virtual local area networks, cloud data storage, private/public IP addresses and more. Customers can completely manage their own resources, have our staff assist with maintaining their resources, or have our staff manage their resources completely. We can host your entire infrastructure or just part of it, host your live servers and/or development servers; and run your primary servers or host your disaster recovery servers (DR site). We can adapt our network to serve your needs in a reliable and highly secure manner. Some of the benefits to companies are:

Do more with less
With cloud computing, companies can reduce the size of their own data centres. The reduction of the numbers of servers and software cost can significantly reduce IT costs without impacting an organization's IT capabilities.
Flexible costs
The costs of cloud computing are much more flexible than traditional methods. Companies only need to commission - and thus only pay for - server and infrastructure capacity as and when it is needed. More capacity can be provisioned for peak times and then de-provisioned when no longer needed. Traditional computing requires buying capacity sufficient for peak times and allowing it to sit idle the rest of the time.
Always-on availability
The connection is always available and as long as workers have an Internet connection, they can get to the applications they need from practically anywhere.
Cloud computing is more cost effective
Since companies don't have to purchase equipment and build and operate a data center, they don't have to spend significant money on hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of operations. With traditional computing, a company can spend upfront before it gets any value from its investment in the data centre.
Expenses can be quickly reduced
During times of recession or business cut-backs (Like the energy industry is currently experiencing), cloud computing offers a flexible cost structure, thereby limiting exposure.
Flexible capacity
Cloud is the flexible facility that can be turned up, down or off depending upon circumstances. For example, a sales promotion might be wildly popular, and capacity can be added quickly to avoid crashing servers and losing sales. When the sale is over, capacity can shrink to reduce costs.
Pricing Charts
Remote Desktop Sessions Small-sized Business Medium-sized Business Large-sized Business
Employees 1 - 5 5 - 25 25 - 50
Remote Application Server Specifications 2 vCpus, 4GB vRam, 100GB TP SSD boot drive and 100GB TP data drive 2 vCpus, 16GB vRam, 100GB TP SSD boot drive and 200GB TP data drive 4 vCpus, 32GB vRam, 100GB TP SSD boot drive and 400GB TP data drive
Server Operating System Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2016
Maximum Number of Sessions 7 31 63
Connection Protocol RDP
Public IP Yes - Shared IP for access Yes - Dedicated
Remote Application Server Backup Yes - Weekly Yes - Daily
Client Data Backed up daily to the Infraevo vault Backed up daily to the Infraevo vault. Available for client SFTP download
Allocated Bandwith 100GB 200GB 400GB
Antivirus Windows Defender Symantec Antivirus
Management Package Managed by Infraevo
Product Price Per Month Call for pricing Call for pricing Call for pricing
  *** Prices Do Not Include HST ***
Applications installed on the server:
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • WinSCP
  • Java
  • puTTY
  • FileZilla

Server Virtual Machine No OS Linux OS Windows 2012 STD OS
2Vcpus, 4GB ram and 200GB TP Hard Drive No Annual Commitment 1 Year Commitment 2 Year Commitment
VPN Access To Cloud Yes - 1 VPN Account
VPN Access To Cloud Via Mobile Devices Yes
Supported Connection Protocols N\A Vsphere Client / SSH Vsphere Client / Remote Desktop
Private IP With NAT To Public IP Yes
Firewall NAT Support Yes
Virtual Machine On Protected Drives Yes
Virtual Machine Backup Daily
Allocated Bandwidth 300GB
Private Virtual Local Area Network Yes
Vmware Tool Installed No Yes
AntiVirus Protection No Microsoft Security Essentials
Java Installed No Yes
Office 365 AD Synchronization No Yes
Office Suite Installed No OpenOffice
Adobe Acrobat Installed No Yes
WinSCP Installed No Yes
Firefox Installed No Yes
Management Package Client Managed
Product Price Per Month $40 $45 $120 $80
*OS = Operating System *** Prices Do Not Include HST ***
  Remote Desktops Servers Notes
1TB Of Bandwith $50 per month The additional bandwidth is applied against all services with us
Public IP Address Per Month N/A $5 per month per additional IP  
SSL Certificate N/A $30 per year installed  
1GB Of Additional Vram $20 per month per 1GB  
1GB Of Additional Vdisk $0.25 cents per 1GB $0.15 cenths per 1GB Minimum of 40GBs per order
  *** Prices Do Not Include HST ***

Management Packages
Infrastructure As A Service Client Managed Hybrid Management Managed By Infraevo
Networking Yes
Virtual hardware Yes
Operating System No Yes
Network Mudules (Modules like DHCP, DNS, DFS and more) No Yes
System Security No Yes
Support With Applications Installed By User No Yes
Package Price Per Month In Addition To Product Price Included $20 $40
*OS = Operating System *** Prices Do Not Include HST ***

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First Responders:
For the past 8 years Infraevo has been providing IT services to Police, EMS, Fire and Emergency Services orginizations. Our staff understand these originizations need for security and reliability.
Infraevo has alot of experience in the area of "Education", since most of our senior cloud & professional services staff have worked in the College & University sector at one point in their careers.
Not For Profits:
Infraevo can assist not for profits and charities by helping them improve their use of technology. Our team has extensive experience assisting a variety of organizations of every type, size, and budget improve their fundraising efforts.
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